This question is at the origin of a large-scale project that, in a few years, should offer the public a set of structures on the theme of shipwrecks in the St. Lawrence, which will bring together a museum, an information hall and a multimedia room. as centers of interpretation, research and genealogy.

Phase I, whose stated goal is to stimulate funding for subsequent milestones, was launched on June 30, 2004 with the launch of the Mayday multimedia show. The 22-minute performance invites spectators to board a ship from which they can witness various shipwrecks on the river. The show is primarily based on the emotion and impressions that these tragedies leave on each of us, more than it pursues a true informational purpose. Evoked with a certain modesty, the dramas are staged by a captain worried about his daughter gone to sea, storms where the elements are unleashed, calls for help, drowned, shipwrecked starving famine or found dead by the thousands on unwelcoming pieces of land, especially in winter!