Month: September 2019

Canada’s Treacherous Winter Driving Roads

Winter driving can be a fact of life or death for Canadians. Roads and highways become very dangerous in winters for driving. Some steps should be taken for more protection: be sure switching on the headlights, carefully manage the brakes, be aware of the directions and drive according to that, watch out for other drivers, beware of the weather condition before stepping out of the house and make sure you have an emergency kit with you always.

Some of Canada’s worst case roads for winter driving are,

  • Highway 401 between Woodstock and Windsor, Ontario

Most of the major and tragic road accidents are witnessed in this area. This part of the road is flat and stretched long enough. Sometimes it closes down for the pile-up of a number of cars, more than 50 sometimes. In the 1990s, they used to call the stretch between London and Windsor as “Carnage Alley”. the purpose of the nickname is clearly understandable. As a solution, you can get Car rental Toronto services near Ontario.

  • Highway 401 east of Oshawa, Ontario

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This highway is actually prone to winter accidents. Being the busiest highway of Canada, this part of highway 401 closed down because of a pile-up of 80 cars in January 2013. The pile-up was caused by some poor visibility issue when there was a snowfall that day. This stretch between whites road and Courtice road witness the highest number of traffic accidents in winters.

  • Autoroute 40, Quebec

A 27-vehicle pile-up took place at this traffic site on one of the busiest routes. The highway connects Quebec city and Montreal. The mentioned 27-vehicle happened in December 2012. This route is not only dangerous in winters, but tragic accidents involving more than one or two cars occur at this place every year. Car rental Toronto solves this issue up to some level in winters as they provide winter tires in some of their cars.

  • Highway 63, Alberta

 This undivided highway 63 is the busiest connection between Edmonton and Alberta’s oilsands. The highway is an all-weather one out of Fort McMurray. The stretch is about 443 kilometers long. The highway is undivided yet now planning for a division by twinning it. Most of the winters, there is blowing snow problem in this area due to severely low temperatures. These two problems give rise to severe road accidents in winters. So the winter tires of Car rental Toronto to solve the problem to some extent. 

  • Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

 This is world’s one of the most nerve-wracking route. This is actually an ice road of 400-600 kilometers long which ice covers 85% of frozen lakes. Often sonar technique and detectors are used for detecting the thickness of the frozen ice over the lake, yet it gives rise to several accidents. For safety purposes, the road opens when the ice is the thickest, i.e. in February and March. Truckers can pass after giving a safety test.